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Mapping without the sun
Zhang, Jixian

(2) the non-linetype water system update: according to the
local situation, it is easy to know that the centralized
pools are mostly fed fishes, and the scattered pools are
usually ordinary pools. So it is also convenient to do the
Fig.4. Pool
4.2 Road
The railway and highway usually have regular shape and
obvious feature, so it is fit to interpret in the SAR image, but
the level of the road would be hard to distinguish, it needs to
complement until the fieldwork annotation.
Fig. 5 Highway
Fig.6 Railway
4.3 Vegetation
Vegetation includes cultivated land, forest land, grassland, etc.
In the SAR image, different kinds of Vegetation have different
texture, as the result, it could be convenient to differentiate
them. In color, Paddy field is darker than the dry land, due to
different aquifer effect back scattered coefficients. And fruit
tree has different scattered feature from cultivated land and
grassland. The changes could find easily. But the concrete
category also needs to distinguish by filedwork.