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Mapping without the sun
Zhang, Jixian

Fig.8 Residential area
Fig.7 Vegetation
4.4 Residential Area
In residential area, there are many dihedral angel and
polyhedral angle reflectors formed by walls of the building and
dams with the ground, so they make the radar beam reflect
times without number, so as to enhance the echo. Therefore, the
residential area is obvious in the SAR image, and has clear
Through this research, it obviously shows that the high
resolution airborne SAR image is capable of updating
topographic map elements. By making use of abundant texture
feature, various map elements could be distinguish in the SAR
image, and changes also could be easily find in the map. SAR
image could be the well complementary to the optical image,
specially for the place where could not have optical image. In a
word, it is feasible to use high resolution airborne SAR image
in updating topographic map.
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This work was supported by State Bureau of Surveying and
Mapping key laboratory of Geographic Information
Engineering Foundation of Researches, Grant B2620