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Mapping without the sun
Zhang, Jixian

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algorithm for a database of aerial entities. The Australian
Computer Journal, 16(4): 147~ 154.
[5] Pan aimin, COM Principles and Applications[M], Tsinghua
University Press, 1999
*Foundation item: Supported By Excellent Youth Research
Fund Program of Liaoning Technical University (No.07A103),
and Open Research Fund Program of the Geomatics and
Applications Laboratory of Liaoning Technical University (No.
Fig 11 .List of placenames database
Fig 12. Query image data according to placenames database
In this paper, image database prototype system was designed
and realized based on VC and Oracle platform after researching
and analyzing the key technologies of the types of image data
management, development methods, the process of building a
database, establish a regional database as an example of remote
sensing images. It realize the effective management of
image data. At the same time, it will have further studies
about inquiries, compression and storage of image data.
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