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Remote sensing for resources development and environmental management
Damen, M. C. J.

Symposium on Remote Sensing for Resources Development and Environmental Management/Enschede /August 1986
© 1987Balkema, Rotterdam. ISBN 90 6191 674 7
Presentation of the Kyoto Award
President of the Netherlands’ Society for Photogrammetry
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have the honour and pleasure to make the following
During the opening of the symposium I remarked
that our Societies, both Photogramme try and Remote
Sensing, have the aim to cooperate in various ways
and that we will promote the Dutch contribution.
Therefore, we have established a Symposium Prize
for the best contribution, I must say, for the Dutch
author of the most excellent contribution to this
It was not easy, for there were about 40 Dutch
papers in the proceedings, and I must say, more than
one could be awarded. So, for this prize we have
choosen the best of the best.
Before mentioning the name of the winner, I can
say that the prize contents a visit to the congress
in Kyoto 1988 and the costs will be paid by both
Societies and Commission VII up to f. 6000, -.
I have the honour to present the prize to a scien
tific member of the Department of Landsurveying and
Remote Sensing, from the Agricultural University,
Wageningen, to:
Mr J.P.G.W. Clevers
Mr Clevers my congratulations with the Symposium
Prize of Commission VII 1986.
You are the author of three papers in the proceed
ings. The attention of the Jury was in particular
drawn by your paper: "The derivation of a symplified
reflectance model for the estimation of LAI".
Mr Clevers, we wish you a good and successful trip
to Kyoto in 1988.