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Proceedings of the Symposium on Global and Environmental Monitoring

From a physiological point of view thin leaves can
be found in spring when young leaves are develop-
ping or under stress conditions as e.g. water
stress. In this paper we presented only the effect
of different pigmentations.
As mentioned before a second effect may influence
the blue shift of the red edge, the shift of the ab
sorption line to shorter wavelegths. This phenome
non can be observed in the laboratory when leaves
are treated with the herbicide DCMU, solved in
alcoholic solution, in order to investigate e.g. the
Kautsky effect to obtain physiological data of the
plant. Under these special conditions, the pigment
concentration remains constant as well as the leaf
thickness so that the observed shift of the red edge
may be attributed to a shift of the absorption line
due to the influence of the solvent and the hebizide.
It is well known that the type of solvents can chan
ge the position of absorption lines.
The revised version of the stochastic leaf model has
demonstrated its usefulness in calculating reflectan
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