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Proceedings of the Symposium on Global and Environmental Monitoring

Dr. Pamela Sallaway
President, PAMAP Graphics Ltd., Victoria, B.C., Canada.
ISPRS Commission VII, Working Group 2
As data sources, data standards and data formats proliferate, the ability to transfer information
between them has become a significant requirement. It has also become a significant source of
This paper argues that the problem of information transfer is being addressed at the wrong level
and, that this is the primary reason for limited success with the process. What is required is the
ability to convert application models; what is provided is data translation.
The lack of a wholistic approach results in a partial solution which typically ignores such serious
issues as;
• different coordinate systems, including projection systems, datums, spheroids, and/or
units of resolution;
• different ways of representing information at a particular installation (what does the
green dashed line on level 9 mean?);
• different GIS models.
This paper examines the critical issues in information exchange.
Key Words; Application Modelling, GIS Constructs, GIS Models, Data Formats, Standards
• Supported in part by NCR Arrangement No. CA910-5-0962, in association with Dr. D.G. Goodenough of CCRS