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Proceedings of the Symposium on Global and Environmental Monitoring

The preocupation of the severely overworked MARNR staff, in particular
with data collection, adversely affects their capacity to consider and
introduce the available advanced technology of data collection and
processing by combining data from various interrelated fields. Such
techniques have been extensively applied elsewhere, resulting in
significantly higher efficiencies in the data collection activities,
particularly in the area of hydrology and meteorology as indicated in
Reference 2 (Solomon and Cordery, 1984).
In view of the above, it was considered as eminently opportune to
organize, in the framework of MARNR, a Computerized Information System of
the Environment (Sistema de InformaciĆ³n Computarizada del Ambiente
SICA). Such a system will help solve, or significantly alleviate, the
above mentioned problems and the efficiency of all MARNR departments. The
tremendous decrease in hardware costs paralleled by an increase in
capacity and reliability, and advances in software make possible the
development and implementation of such a computerized information system
without excessive budgetary and staff strain.