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Proceedings International Workshop on Mobile Mapping Technology
Li, Rongxing

Greeting from Bangkok
Shunji Murai
Chair, Local Organizing Committee
I am very pleased to contribute to the workshop as a local organizer by
arranging hotel accommodation, finalizing the program and editing the proceedings.
I appreciate Dr. Rongxing Li to have organized the workshop timely with
many advanced papers. I believe that the workshop will be a milestone towards
operational mobile mapping.
I also appreciate Japan Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
(JSPRS) and Association for Real-time Imaging and Dynamic Analysis (ARIDA) for
their generous offer to provide financial support to invite 100 participants from Thai
organizations and the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).
During the preparations, I had several problems as usual. The biggest problem,
that is also good news to the organizer, is that there were much more papers beyond
our expectation. Some papers arrived after the dead line, while others were not
included in the original program. But I tried to pick up these papers as much as
possible. These papers listed in the Poster Session (3) arrived without confirmation of
the allocation. However, Dr. Ron Li and I try to find some time space if there will be
cancellation, otherwise I will arrange them in the poster session.
The page number is based on three digits ; session number, paper number and
page number in order to avoid the difficulty to arrange in serial order.
Finally I thank my secretaries ; Miss Wandee Kijpoovadol and Mrs. Inthira
Kongdis to assist all administrative works.
I hope that all participants will enjoy the workshop in the country of smile .