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Proceedings International Workshop on Mobile Mapping Technology
Li, Rongxing

Tsukasa Hosomura
Kanazawa Institute of Technology
7-1 Ohgigaoka, Nonoichi-machi, Ishikawa-gun, Ishikawa 921-8501
E-mail: hosomura@neptune.kanazawa-it.ac.jp
KEY WORDS : Map, 3D-CG, Road
We are trying to make the map that everyone can understand easy, and we use approximate shape
of objects. There appeared some problems in previous study. One of the problems is a representation
method of road on map. We suppose the road is an important object to represent the map. But it is
difficult to represent all these objects correctly by using 3DCG. We describe the efficient
representation method of real road for 3D model. We used the data of road as raster for making the
map. It took a lot of time to do the work. So, we managed a road as a vector data in this study. This
realized the reduction of data and made the work efficient.
Recently, various maps are made by digital
techniques. Digital map is generally used in
some systems such as car navigation system, as
multimedia spreads out many fields. So, we are
studying about the digital mapping that is
useful and can represent real view to the next
future. Trough the study of last year, we
recognized that we could make the map
beautiful and easy to understand for urban area
by using a representation method of 3DCG. But
some problems are coming up.
1.1 Requirement and Counter Plan
One of the proposals is how to represent the
road. In making a road by 3DCG, we take at
least four points of coordinates in previous
study. As the advantage of this method,
representing the outline of road correctly is
raised. But in case of representing the elements
of the road as centerline, sidewalk and so on,
this method is not efficient because it requires a
lot of coordinates data. We try to represent
centerline and sidewalk by managing the road
as a vector data to improve this. And we
consider the road through the mountain for
adding the elevation value to coordinates
consists of road from numerical map of
elevation published by
Geographical Survey Institute.
Representation of mountain, river and other
object will be needed when the scale of map
expands and we approach the real
representation. This time, we try to represent
only mountain from numerical map of elevation.
Scale of map for road is about 1.5km east to
west, 3km south to north area around the