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Stilla, Uwe

Automated extraction of topographic objects from remotely sensed data is an important topic
of research in Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, GIS, and Computer Vision. This joint
conference of ISPRS working groups N1/4 and 111/5, held in Paris, France, discussed recent
developments, the potential of various data sources, and future trends both with respect to
sensors and processing techniques in automatic object extraction. The focus of the
conference lay on methodological research. It was held in conjunction with ISPRS Laser
scanning conference.
The conference addressed researchers and practitioners from universities, research
institutes, industry, government organizations, and private companies. The range of topics
covered by the conference is reflected by the terms of reference of the cooperating ISPRS
working groups:
□ Complex Scene Analysis and 3D Reconstruction (WG 111/4)
□ Image Sequence Analysis (WG 111/5)
Prospective authors were invited to submit full papers of a maximum length of 6 pages. We
received 60 full papers for review. The submitted papers were subject to a rigorous double
blind peer review process of full papers. Altogether 38 papers were accepted based on the
reviews. This corresponds to a rejection rate of 37%. Each paper was reviewed at least by
two members of the program committee. The accepted papers and one invited paper were
published as printed proceedings in the IAPRS series as well as on CD-ROM. Only a subset
of these papers could be presented orally due to the single track design of CMRT09 and the
generous time slots for intensive discussion.
In total, we received contributions from authors coming from 20 countries. The proceedings
include 39 papers from authors coming from 14 countries. There were 7 oral sessions with
altogether 23 papers and one interactive session where 16 papers were presented as
Finally, the editors wish to thank all contributing authors and the members of the Program
Committee. In addition, we like to express our thanks to the Local Organising Committee,
without whom this event could not have taken place. Ludwig Hoegner did a great job with the
management of the conference tool. The final word processing of all incoming manuscripts
and the preparation of the proceedings by Wei Yao are gratefully acknowledged. Olivier
Tournaire did a great job with the CD-ROM edition of the proceedings, and so did Clement
Mallet and Adrien Chauve with the registration and the choice of the gala dinner. We would
also like to thank Clement Mallet, Adrien Chauve, Frederic Bretar, Marc Pierrot-Deseilligny,
Olivier Tournaire, Isabelle Grujard, François Boyero, Carol Godin, and Jessica Vencatasamy
for the general day-to-day organisation of the event, and at last Nicolas Paparoditis for
managing the Local Organising Committee.
Munich, Hannover and Paris, July 2009
Uwe Franz Nicolas
Stilla Rottensteiner Paparoditis