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Transactions of the Symposium on Photo Interpretation

Length deformation
Introducing an error into the proper estimation of unit stream length, the
length deformation could produce insignificant maxima in a homogeneously
distributed stream pattern. These deformations are shown in fig. 1. From the
triangle AiA'Z we obtain by the sine theorem:
— —- ——— ; further m =
sin pi sin cp cos a
and by substituting sin pi = sin (pi'—d) and sin cp
0° or // = 180° (also ò = 0°) this equation
For the special case, where pi
takes the form:
The sign “ + ” is for pitch towards the centre, “ — ” from the centre. The
graphs for determining the value of m when m\ a, <5 and pi' are given, are pre
sented in figs. 3 and 4.
Fig. 3. The graph for determining the value of m when m', a, d, and ¿d are given