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Modern trends of education in photogrammetry & remote sensing

The students range in age from 23 years to 38 years, and in profession from
university lecturers to professional geologists, civil engineers, surveyors,
photogrammetrists and cartographers. Most of the students had no experience
of computer science before starting the course, and many had not used
mathematics since secondary school or their early years at university. For
many coming 'back to school' was difficult, but all have mastered the
computer science they have been taught and are facing up to the mathematics!
It is important to stress that considerable mathematical competence is
required to cope with the photogrammetric and digital image processing
aspects of the course; .we have had to supply some extra mathematical tuition.
Naturally the course participants are more enthusiastic about the
applications subjects, and they are already making plans for their research
projects in the second year.
As teachers of this new course it is revitalising to be involved in forging a
course cutting across the traditional photogrammetry/ digital image
processing/ cartography/ computer science divisions of our department. Ve
work with colleagues we have rarely worked with before, and have to rethink
where are own individual technical specialities fit into the whole integrated
picture. The course participants, being aware that it is a new course,
exhibit commendable patience and come up with only the most constructive
criticism. The experience is entirely worthwhile, and we look forward to
seeing our graduates out in the world realising the potential of integrated
The authors are greatly indebted to many colleagues of the Geoinformatics
Department of the ITC for their dedicated and concentrated effort in
designing and implementing this new M.Sc. Degree Programme.
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