Full text: Proceedings of the Symposium on Progress in Data Processing and Analysis

be interpreted as systems by means of determining boundaries 
and estimating homogeneity of the areas within the 
boundaries. Special knowledge in certain fields of natural 
science is essential for profound interpretai on of the 
discerned structures of the information field. 
Practical results. Composition coding has been applied to 
geological interpretation of satellite data obtained by the 
muitiband system, for processing data of aerogeochemical 
survey, and for integrating remote sensing and geophysical 
data. In all the cases additional geological information has 
been obtained. Conventional methods failed to extract these 
data from the original information. Figure 1 represents 
one-dimensional gistograms of distribution of intensities of 
reflected signals in three hands (60G nm, 90c nm, 1200 nrrd 
of a part of Sakhalin Island and the field of composition 
codes, obtained in accordance with the model \1>. 
Unsolved problems. In a number of cases there can arise 
difficulties which are connected with determining 
inf ormative interva1s of 
types o f di st ribution 1aws 
the model var1 ab1 es, if various 
of variables values are involved. 
Choi ce 
i n 
ma 1 
variab les 
specs aî 
r esearch -, 
1. Afanasyev N.F. , Composition coding as a method of 
discerning natural objects by characteri stics of images. - 
Ins ’’Computer-a i ded processing of data of aerospace surveys 
in geological research. L. VSESEI, 1984, p. 
2. Tyukhtin V.S., Theory of automatic identification ¿*nd 
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systems. - In: Systems analysis and scientific knowledge. M- 
Nauka, 1978, p.7-41.

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