Full text: Proceedings of the Symposium on Progress in Data Processing and Analysis

with hot gases, to locate a safe boundary for use of ex 
plosives - and to do all the above at reduced cost and 
increased safety. 
The work conducted with the aid of new technology 
resulted in a map of coal field fires and geothermal 
sections of required profiles. This information is utili 
zed for development of fire-extinction measures and de 
posit treatement procedures. Reduction in costs is achi 
eved by replacing a large portion of expensive drilling 
activity with thermal imagery and temperature logging. 
The productivity of aerial thermal image photography is 
10-15 km^/h at a scale of 1:7000, of aerial temperature 
logging 100-IpO control points per day (by two opera 
tors) . 
The technology of search for 
subterranian fresh water in 
arid zones using data obtained 
by aerial therma 1-i mage photo 
graphy and aer o/s pace photogra 
phy allows to detect a large number of underground 
fresh 'water accumulations and to reduce five times the 
volume of land-based geophysical operations. This re 
sults in moving water sources closer to the users and, 
consequently, in reduction of costs for water supply and 
open-air cattle breeding. 
The technology of functional 
sea bottom mapping for utiliza 
tion offshore resources using 
aerial photography of water are 
as is an effective tool in exploration and reconnais 
sance of oil, coal, sea-beach placers, building materi 
als, subterranian water accumulations, etc.; it is well 
suited for construction of waterworks and recreation fa 
cilities, survey of commercially-usable seaweed fields 
and control of their utilization and restoration, hydro- 
graphical services to coastal navigation, monitoring of 
beach zones. 
A particular feature of this technology is special 
selection of airborne mapping hardware and film para 
meters, aerophotography times and conditions, film pro 
cessing techniques.

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