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Sharing and cooperation in geo-information technology
Aziz, T. Lukman

APAN Network Topology
About Earth Monitoring and Disaster Warning Working Group
Fo improve methods of taking prompt actions against regional
disasters and to provide real time warning to local habitants for
an advanced evacuation and anticipation, Wild Fire Board of
Forum was formed at the IWS98/APAN meeting in March
By expanding its focus onto tropical cyclones, torrential rain
and flooding, the Earth Monitoring and Disaster Warning
Working Group was proposed at the APAN Committee with a
draft charter, during the APAN Seoul meeting in July 1998,
and an approval on formation of the WG was given.
Collaboration with earth observation missions and
IWS 9 9/Osaka
The WG established ties with earth observation missions of
major space agencies, NASA, NASDA, ESA, NOAA and DLR
for disaster management.
In the two organized sessions of APAN within the Internet
Workshop99, held at Osaka University on 18 February 1999,
fire detection technologies and their applications were
presented in the “Earth Monitoring I” and TRMM mission and
applications in “Earth Monitoring II” respectively (APAN-
sessions, 1999).
Organized session 1: “Earth Monitoring I”
Remote sensing fire detection system and future network
development (Sawada, 1999)
Fast delivery products for monitoring the Earth with the
European Remote Sensing Satellite II (Buongiomo, 1999)
Fire detection with Defense Meteorological Satellite
Program(DMSP) Operational Linescan Sensor(OLS)Data
(Nelson, 1999)
Forest Fire In INDONESIA Impacts Factors and Evaluation
(Aziz, 1999)
Organized session 2: “Earth Monitoring A”
TRMM Real time data production, transfer and plans (Stocker,
TRMM visualization (Sobue, 1999)
Detection of lightning by LIS/TRMM and its application
(Kawasaki, 1999)
Taking the discussion and comments raised from the sessions
into the consideration on earth observation and disaster
network, the status report and the future actions of the Earth
Monitoring WG were presented by the chair (Fujita, 1999a).
The German Space Agency (DLR) is developing a dedicated
sensors for fire detection, those sensors will be loaded in a
small satellite experiment (BIRD) and in the International
Space Station. A meeting held at DLR Berlin, the WG and
DLR’sDBIRD/FOCUS team has agreed to distribute a call for
interest via APAN to potential users of these new Fire
Prototype Data Products of BIRD/FOCUS.
Real time TRMM/DMSP networking for disaster management
Tropical Rainfall Mapping Mission (TRMM) was developed to
make precise rainfall estimation in the tropics region between
35 degrees north and south. The real time TRMM data is
available at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) and
the WG applied the continuous access to the data for
distribution to collaborating institutes and product
dissemination to users through APAN.