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Sharing and cooperation in geo-information technology
Aziz, T. Lukman

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Tabel 1: Use of LDIPInter on different operating systems and browsers
Computer, software, and the Internet change rapidly. The
Internet will serve as a window to the world and as a source of
information. It will be very much used in the education. In
future, part of the education will be international and remote.
In our competitive world there will hardly occur a
standardisation or domination of one computer type or one
operating system. The concept of the JVM is a possible answer
to the variety of computer systems. The combination of the
JVM and the Internet seems therefore to be logical and their
potential for education is tremendous. Browsers will play a key-
role for the communication and distribution of text information.
They can also serve as starting place and as display window for
interactive learning programs with multimedia features. In order
to create such Internet-based learning programs efficient tools
have to be available.
It is very likely that this will be possible in future due to the
heavy competion between the producers of browsers. All these
tools will change constantly and this will make the development
of good learning programs difficult. The industry for learning
material will create solutions for the major subjects. The smaller
subjects like photogrammetry and surveying engineering will
need a cooporation of the teachers at different places to specify,
produce and document such educational material. A common
platform for the development of such learning software is now
also possible with the Internet-based and free development tool:
Java Development Kit. It is the hope of the author that an
international cooperation between motivated teachers and
programmers will create extensions of LDIPInter as well as
other learning software packages.
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