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Sharing and cooperation in geo-information technology
Aziz, T. Lukman

The importance of remote sensing for global environmental
change monitoring is widely recognized. However, it is not
easy for beginners to understand the sophisticated technology
of remote sensing. In order to navigate beginners to learn
how to use remote sensing technology for their own
purposes, a software package Remote Sensing Navigator (RS
Navi) was developed.
The RS Navi is a kind of browsing software which allows
users to find suitable information from the large amount of
the contents recorded in the RS Navi CD-ROM.
2.1 Contents
The main contents of the RS Navi are as follows.
• Application examples
Various kinds of application examples are stored in the CD-
ROM which includes land cover classification, forestry,
agriculture, and sea surface temperature monitoring.
Analysis procedure flow charts For particular application
field, such as NDVI
analysis or crop monitoring, the analysis procedure flowchart
( see Fig. 2) is presented which guides beginners to nderstand
how the practical data processing and analysis are performed
in remote sensing.
• Satellite data
Several Landsat TM scenes of particular test sites are
recorded in the CD-ROM for all seven bands. User can see
each band image or color composite image of three bands,
and enlarge a part of them with the display function of the
RS Navi
• Hyper text type dictionary
In order for the users to understand the meaning of each
technical words, such as MSS, BIL, MOS-1, cubic
convolution etc., a remote sensing dictionary is stored in the
CD-ROM. whenever user clicks the hi-lighted key words,
the detailed explanation of the keywords will be displayed
(See Fig. 3).
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Fig. 2 Flowchart of NDVI analysis procedure