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Sharing and cooperation in geo-information technology
Aziz, T. Lukman

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Selection of
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Description of
the key word.
Fig.3 Key word search procedure
2.2 Functions
In order to optimize the use of the contents, several kinds of
functions are prepared for RS Navi as follows.
• Hyper text search With the use of Borland Database
Engine, required key word can easily searched from the
• Simple image display
This software includes simple image display function,
including zoom down, zoom up, and scroll. (See Fig. 4)
• . Tagging
User can put tags in any page of the database, so the user
can get back to the important pages easily.
2.3 Required computer environment
The RS Navi requires the following computer environment.
• CPU: 80486 or higher
• RAM: 24MB or more
• HDD: 6MB or more
• Display size: 1024x768
• OS: Windows95/98 or WindowsNT 4.0/3.51
Borland Database Engine (BDE will be provided with
RS Navi)
In order to verify the usefulness of the RS Navi, one day
training of remote sensing for beginners were performed
using RS Navi. Within two hours of introduction, all the
participants could understand how to use RS Navi. After the
introduction, the participants started to learn the details of
the contents by operating the system by them selves.
The RS Navi is a unique software for remote sensing
education. RS Navi is not a data processing software. It is
more like a text book, and more than just a text book. The
beginners can understand the procedure of remote sensing
data analysis by following the description of each step of
the flowchart. The hyper text function and layered
information database allow beginners to understand the
details of each steps according their interest.