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Special UNISPACE III volume
Marsteller, Deborah

International Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. Vol.. XXXII Part 7C2, UNISPACE III, Vienna, 1999
Table of Contents
ISPRS WORKSHOP on “Resource Mapping from Space”
Workshop Summary Sheet 2
United Nations Conclusions and Recommendations 3-4
The Role of Remote Sensing in Natural Resource Management 5-11
Future Prospects for Mapping from Space 12-26
Data Fusion for a Better Exploitation of Data in Environment and Earth Observation Sciences 27
Sustainable Development and Remote Sensing 28-37
Monitoring Water Resources and Agro-Ecosystem Productivity from Space 38-43
Monitoring from Space of Global Vegetation and Land Use Change - Recent Advances and Imminent 44
Operational Crop Monitoring and Production Forecast by Remote Sensing in Hungary 45-51
Satellite Remote Sensing Application in Agriculture-Crop Monitoring, Yield Forecasting, and Estimation 52-63
Landscape Changes in Slovak Republic 1970’s - 1990’s 64-70
Personal Ground Station (PGS) Scanner - Network for “RESURS-O” Satellite Data Acquisition and 71 -76
Processing. New Image Neuronet Processing Technology for Environment Monitoring and Resource
ISPRS/EARSeL WORKSHOP on “Remote Sensing for the Detection, Monitoring, and Mitigation of Natural
Workshop Summary Sheet 77
United Nations Conclusions and Recommendations 78-79
Report by Dowman and Wald 80-84
Natural Disasters: Remote Sensing Capabilities and Applications in a Wide Context 85-92
Space Technology and Earthquake Hazard Management 93-97
Monitoring Oil Spills from Space: State of the Art and Perspectives 98
Natural Hazards of Geologic Origin - Erosion, Land Degradation/Desertification, Volcanoes and 99-103
Active Faults - The UNESCO/IUGS Geological Application of Remote Sensing (GARS)- Programme
Remote Sensing Systems for Drought and Desertification Monitoring the Case of Morocco 104-109
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing in Monitoring, Prediction and Prevention of Environmental 110-113
Remote Sensing Techniques for Monitoring Hazardous Waste Sites and Sensitive Aquifers 114-120
Operational Use of Environmental Satellite Data for Hazardous Applications 121
Progress of the CEOS Disaster Management Support Project 122-125
Application of <<4D>> Techniques in Flood Monitoring in China 1998 126-127