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International cooperation and technology transfer
Mussio, Luigi

fig?: a window of GPT that shows the choice of the type of resampling for the rectification of an inner fagade of the Arena of Verona
Using 3rd or 4th degree polynomials, on the other hand, test for
the application of gcorcfcrcrxmg of large scale cartography
have been done (fig. 8).
The possibility to apply polynomial transformation is being
studied for the correction of warping of digital images obtained
with digital photocamcra which present high grade distortions.
(fig. 9) This method will be applied experimentally to some non
professional digital photocamcras whose internal orientation,
with infinite focus, can be considered to be stable. The method
is based on the shot of a measured control network and on the
estimation of the parameters of the polynomial on the basis of
the points measured on the image and on the network.
fig. 8: cm example of an historic map that has to be georeferenced