Full text: International cooperation and technology transfer

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ine math tutor 
- an on-line resource to mathematics that epi 
demiologists and public health professionals 
find essential. One of the most serious skills 
lacking in our pool of students was mathe 
matical sophistication, and we seek to address 
that need. 
In the meantime, we approach the next year 
with a complete course in hand, one which will 
evolve with us as we increase our own knowl 
edge and as we seek to “...provide students 
with the knowledge, theory, and methodolog 
ical skills for analyzing and interpreting the 
spatial patterns of various diseases in order to 
elucidate underlying exposure processes giv 
ing rise to the observed patterns.” In this late 
stage of our grant we hope to begin increasing 
our distribution of the materials and the site. 
It is our great hope that many others will find 
our site worthy of a visit, and perhaps even 
an extended stay, as the richness of the site 
continues to grow\ 
[1] BioMedware, Ann Arbor, MI. Gamma: 
Software for Statistical Inference with Spa 
tial Data., 1999. 
[2] GeoMed Home Page, 
http: / /www. sph.umich.edu/~aelon/etc. 
1999. Maintained by Andrew Long. 
[3] GRASS Home Page, 
[4] D. A. Griffith. Teaching spatial autocorre 
lation by simulation. Journal of Geography 
in Higher Education, 11(2), 1987. 
[5] G. M. Jacquez. St at! Statistical Soft 
ware for the Clustering of Health Events. 
BioMedware, Ann Arbor, MI, 1994.

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