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Mapping without the sun
Zhang, Jixian

This paper analysis gradient gene according to physiognomy
grade classification index system. Besides, analysis gradient
zone combination characters.
4.2 Buffer on basin’s residential distribution of mainstream
and anabranches, determine relationship extent in correlation
method, establish mathematics models which could reflect
idiographic quantity relationship in regression method.
4.3 Buffer on basin’s residential distribution of national
highways and province highways, conclude distributing curve
in correlation and regression methods. Besides, through raster
data distance graphic, surface analysis, cost weight distance,
data reclassification, shortest path and etc spatial analysis
functions, design rational highway layout base on practical
terrain circs.
4.4 Overlay soil condition analysis on basin’s resident and
highways, process analysis and layout considering on utilizing
style, distribution characteristics and etc facets.
Through researches on statistics and spatial analysis of
drainage basin’s import geographical elements, it is redound to
select the most compatible scale feasible to analysis and
evaluation the multi-tense, mutil-scale data; besides, analyze
drainage basin’s import geographical elements in manifold
methods on the view of quantitative and molar facets, it would
strengthen spatial information technique application level in
compositive analysis and evaluation of the international river,
withal, offer references to the basin’s programming and
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