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Mapping without the sun
Zhang, Jixian

Li Lanyong 1 , Song Weidong 1 , Chen Zhaoliang 2 , Zhao Hongfeng’
1. School of Geomatics, Liaoning Technical University, Fuxin, Liaoning, 123000, China
2. Shandong Province Jiaozhou City Planning Bureau, the Planning Institute,Jiaozhou,Shandong 266300
3. Designing Co., LTD. of Dalian water supply group, Dalian 116021, China)
E-mail: 1 lilanyong@sohu.com; 2 song_wd@163.net 3 zhao-hf@eyou.com
KEY WORDS: Oracle database, Image database system, Image pyramid, Image block coding,VC, Visualization
In the GIS application of road, railway, power line designing, and so on, it is hardly to satisfy the needs of quickly browsing and
querying great range imagery. According to this problem, this paper established a remote sensing imagery database based on Oracle,
which is managed by expending relationship. This paper establishes a remote sensing imagery database utilizing imagery of one
region, and takes this database as an example. At first this paper analyses the managing categories and developing methods of remote
sensing data, and selects the Oracle database and VC as the development basis of the image database system. Then this paper
discusses some key technologies in the establishment of imagery database system, including partitioning, coding and index of image
block, query and visualization of image, updating of image data. Finally this paper designs and constructs the prototype of the
imagery database system.
With the development of computer technology, GIS, remote
sensing and digital photogrammetry, the application of remote
sensing images have a broader prospect. Traditional GIS as a
integrated information system of acquisition, processing,
storage, management, performance and analysis geospatial data
and attribute data, spatial data managed by it is vector data
mainly. With the in-depth application of GIS, image data in the
entire field of geographic information system applications
becomes more extensive. Information-rich, wide coverage and
economy, convenience and quick gain are the advantages of
image data. Currently, Most of the commercial GIS software
can make image data as a background image set with vector
data to show output. But sometimes looking a map(image file)
as a object to treat the target can not meet the need of practical
applications, such as GIS applications in highways, railways,
electricity survey design, fathering rivers and lakes. If we can
establish a number of image data into a seamless image
database, the problem will be satisfactorily resolved. Along
with the rapid growth of the image data , it will bring
difficulties to the image storage, management and data
distribution. It need to establish a database of image data to
manage efficiently.
2.1 Methods of image data management
Currently the methods of image data management can be
divided into three categories: based on the file management ,
the document and database management Mixed , based on the
database management . Database management can be divided
into relational database management, object-relational database
management, Object-oriented database management.
From the current research and applications, Based on the
commercial database data and information management is the
development of data management and the inevitable trend of
the mainstream. Image database management which is based on
extended relational database stores image data in binary
variable length field, then applications access image data in a
database by data access interface, at the same time image data’s
metadata information is also stored in a relational database
table, the two can be managed seamlessly.
2.2 Adopt the application method with VC development
which is based on Oracle database
A database application environment can be divided into the
desktop database system and the server database system. The
former includes Microsoft Access, Foxpro, FileMaker Pro,
Paradox and Lotus Approach etc. The latter includes Oracle,
SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Postgres and Ingres, etc. To meet
the Image Database Management System research and
development, database platform will choose from server
database system. At present Oracle has a powerful information
management capabilities to handle large volumes of data. It has
full functional system. It is perfect in security management and
data recovery mechanisms. In large and medium-sized
management system, in particular the GIS and image
information management systems development, Oracle
Database adapts to the large storage capacity, high speed data
requirements. At the same time, Oracle is due to be a
cross-platform system, but also provides a lot of alternative
development methods. VC-based development platforms