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Remote sensing for resources development and environmental management
Damen, M. C. J.

(Vasa 1980) based on the methodology below
has been developed within the Institute of
Geodesy, Photogrammetry, Cartography and
Land Management (I.G.F.C.O.T.):
- Zone pixel selection in CCT Landsat strip
and radiometric measure introduction in a
file, which can be processed, using Fortran
- The general pixel population histogram
development in the first two main components.
Histogram is directly made in a file and a
printing list is obtained.
- Classes to be separated are established
on a histogram. Each class is included in a
number of rectangulars parallel to the axes.
A card containing the old class number, the
new class number and rectangular size is
punched for each rectangular.
- A printed histogram for each established
class in the first two main components of the
respective class is developed. All histograms
are compiled and printed at only one pro
gramme running. If some histograms give pos
sibility to devide the respective classes,
the process should be repeated. If all histo
grams show class homogeneities, the operation
is over.
These classified images are used to obtain
a graphical representation at a desired soale,
in a plotter.
All package programmes corresponding to the
above mentioned process stages have been de
veloped, imagery delivered by Landsat satel
lites were processed, small scale maps show
ing land-use were compiled, and other themes
were studied, using this system. The findings
were good enough for such geographic informa
tion systems (Geo-Information Systems).
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