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General reports

Commission IV
Application of Photogrammetry and Aerial Photography for Surveying
the Earth’s Surface
Report to the Eighth International Photogrammetric Congress
to be held at Stockholm, Sweden,
17—26 July, 1956
President: Colonel G. S. Andrews, Canada
Secretary: T. J. Blachut, Canada
Subcommission IV-2:
Chairman: Dr. B. Dubuisson
Mapping of Urban Areas
Subcommission IV-3:
Chairman: Mr. T. J. Blachut
Small-Scale Mapping
Subcommission IV-1:
Chairman: Dr. H. Harry
Photogrammetric Cadastral Mapping
At the interim meeting of Commission IV held in Rome in September 1954,
three special subcommissions were created. Their aim was to study the appli
cation of photogrammetry to cadastral surveying, the mapping of urban areas
and small-scale mapping problems. In accordance with suggestions made at the
previous International Photogrammetric Congress at Washington it was decided
in Rome to carry out international experiments in all three fields to gather
unbiased statistical data pertaining to the problems involved. Some of the exper
imental work is still in progress and therefore it is not possible to include the
results obtained in this report. Subcommissions will present them at the
Congress in Stockholm and no doubt the results will be published at a later date.
The present general report is partly based on the answers to the question
naires distributed by Commission IV. The report is subdivided into three parts
corresponding to the subjects covered by three Subcommissions.