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Executive & formal meetings, resolutions etc.

A View of Part of The Instrument Section
Specialists in
Word And Deed
THE WORD ’SPECIALIST’ is now commonplace in the Vocabulary of any
highly organised Society. It infers a comprehensive knowledge of a particular
subject, & the ability to decide what Special Equipment and Techniques should
be applied for the most practical and efficient solution to a problem.
A solution in fact which incorporates the highest regard for the interests of those
seeking the specialists’ services.
★ ★ ★
BY DEED - We have safeguarded the interests of our clients by ensuring that
the finest equipment available to the Photogrammetrist is allied to modern tech
niques. Our laboratory probably the most up to date in Europe, is completely
equipped by Wild of Heerbrugg. Our highly trained staff are specialists in the
production of large scale engineering plans, mostly at scales of 1/500, 1/480,
1/240 and 1/96, and in our new purpose-built laboratories, they work in con
ditions we regard as essential for the maintenance of the strict standards of
accuracy required.
Indeed SPECIALISTS in Word and Deed.
★ ★ ★