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Close-range imaging, long-range vision

Ingo Bock* , Guenter Pomaska *”
* Rollei Fototechnic GmbH, Salzdahlumer Str. 196, 38126 Braunschweig, Germany - i.bock@rollei.de
® University of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld, Germany - gp@imagefact.de
Commission V, WG V/1
KEY WORDS: Digital Camera, Software, Internet, Data Capture
Rollei Fototechnic, Germany supplies with the digital SLR camera line, equipment that meets the requirements for
metric applications. The fixing between the lens and the sensor is very sturdy due to the excellent construction. Lenses
are available with 5mm, 7mm focal length and a zoom lens that stops at fixed positions. A high resolution 5.07 M -pixel
colour sensor captures the image with a resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixel. Pixel size is 3.4 microns. The firmware of the
camera controls the operating functions and writes the image in raw data format to the memory media. Included are the
camera data and settings as well as the calibration parameters. A software named DIMAGE administers downloading
images from the camera to the host computer and allows computer remote camera control via SCSI.
For software developers a development toolkit RDCSDK is available which interfaces th e functions of the camera with
applications written by third party companies. The code is available as a class library. Its methods allow the connection
types server, client or direct without changing the method's names. Only the parameter setting for the connection type
has to be modified. Therefore the software package provides integration of the camera function in a simple and easily
comprehensible manner.
Another concept follows network connections. DNetControl is a program for computer controlled came ra operating
using SCSI connection to a local area network (LAN). In case of direct SCSI connection, the distance camera -
computer is limited by the SCSI technology. Integrating the camera into a LAN enables extension of the distance, as it
is necessary (in case of surveillance applications very important). The latter client -server solution uses the IPX/SPX
protocol for communication. Address management is given by the socket address of the camera computer.
DNetControl provides functions for reading and / or setting current camera data like identification number, aperture
setting, shutter time and focal length setting. The software controls downloading preview images and camera release
followed by downloading the former mentioned raw data format. In ge neral any function provided by the camera can be
performed via LAN.
À concept for a network configuration driving several cameras by Internet is presented. The camera computer can be
called by its URL from any client in the Web at any time. Function control and image downloading to a host computer
is password protected to authorized persons.
1. DIGITAL METRIC SLR CAMERAS FROM accordance with a refined digital image taking into
ROLLEI consideration the interior orientation (calibration
parameters) supplies a digital metric image, s. Pomaska
1999. Lenses with focal lengths of 7 mm (28 mm), 5mm
Rollei introduced its SLR digital camera line in 1999. — (19mm) and 10-30 mm ( 40 — 120 mm) with electronic
The d7 camera was designed for metric applications. A position settings are available. In braces are the
sturdy construction between lens and sensor is a comparable values for a 35 mm camera. The resolution
separated unit around the electronic components like Of the 2/3” type CCD chip was 1280 x 1024 px, which is
power supply, storage devices, LCD display and others. today replaced by a 5 M-pixel sensor.
The fixed focus and the special sensor fitting in
1.1 Design aspects