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The role of digital components in photogrammetric instrumentations

of point transfer with the AP/C-5
Some few trials have been made to determine the
accuracy of point transfer* For comparison purposes
in the first test the accuracy of a signalized point
point somewhere in the field was selcted and x- and
yt-parallaxes have been cleared. In the third test, the
same natural point was taken, but Dove prisms were
used to clear y-parallaxes.
3*1 Signalized point: standard deviation for x- and y
are nearly the same*
sx~ 2.1^ probability 95% 1.8 3*2 Naturcil point in a field* Y-parallaxes cleared without
dove prism. There is a meaningful difference between
standard deviations sx and sy.
3*3 Same natural point as in 3*2 but y-parallaxes cleared
with dove prism. X~parallaxes remained constant.
has been measured. Then, in a second test, a natural
sy= 3*0 ^ probability 95% 2.6 □EH}
sx? 2.8^ probability 95% 2* / t^sx^3*6
sy= 6.8 (x probability 95% 5«*7s?sy^8*3
sy= 2.8 u. probability 95% 2* / i^sy^3.6