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The role of digital components in photogrammetric instrumentations

- 3 -
Dr. Keune and Dr. Rudeuer reported on the developments on
software and on the use of AP/C at Hannover University.
In the evening the delegates attended a synphonic concert held
at the Regio K Theater in Torino.
3rd October 1974
Erof. Makarovic's first report on "Digital Components in
Integrated Systems in the Photogrammetrie Field" can be split in
two parts, the first one of general nature classifying the various
systems and digital operations with their relevant components,
and the second dealing more deeply with the principles of large
scale plotting.
Said principles comprise the acquirement of points for DTM and
its future development.
The most total method to set up a DTM entails a diversification
of point densities as a function of ground variations, which can be
carried out most efficiently with the aid of a stereoplotter in line
with a processor.
DTM can be suitably applied for the construction of an automatic
orthographic printer, which can be either an optical or an electronic
device, however with a tendency to the electronic version due to its
greater flexibility and efficiency.
Also the monodigital plotter, even if it is not an automatic one,
can be equally suggested, specifically for the drawing of maps taken
from single photograms with a known DTM .