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The role of digital components in photogrammetric instrumentations

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their relevant accuracy and convenience, merely by a simple
digitalization, or in other words by converting the analogic
amplitudes into digital ones.
The last report held by Mr. P. Scarano referred to a new
orthographic printer developped by the Air Development Center
in Rome.
In the afternoon the delegates visited the Oenologic Plant
(Martini & Rossi) and the Oenologic Museum in Pessione.
In the evening the delegates attended the official dinner of
the Meeting, in a typical restaurant of the nearby hill of Torino.
4th October 1974
Dr. K. Yoritomo started the session by introducing to the
delegates the APPS system, which is an idea for application of
the photogrammetric principles to the general problem of otgects
identification on the ground.
The main advantages of this system are its rather low cost,
its simplicity, good reliability and easy operation.
The report illustrated the main components of said system and
their relevant operation, giving also the results obtained after
many tests. This report ended with a discussion on the researches
being made for the application of APPS principles and technology.
Dr. Doyle of U.S. Geological Survey held the last report on the
use of space photographs in the cartographic field.