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The role of digital components in photogrammetric instrumentations

- 6 -
He stated how the h images obtained by ERTR-1 satellites can
be converted into black/white and partially coloured cartographs
in scale 1/500.000 and 1/1.000.000. As far as scale 1/250.000 is
concerned, this solution appears to be still inadequate at present
and said cartographs can be used merely for those areas where the
most important characteristic is represented by ground morphology
Anyway it is hoped that the space images obtained by the Skylab
will be useful for the revision of 1/250.000 scale maps. At any
rate applications are expected for the establishment and revision
of 1/250.00Q scale maps or even larger ones than the photograms
obtained by S-190B.
Prof. Inghilleri closed the meeting and expressed the hope to
see the delegates again in 1976 at the planned world meeting to be
held in Helsinki.