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Papers for the international symposium Commission VI
Sitek, Zbigniew

Another form of education in engineering photogrammetry is the
hihgly specialized postgraduate study organized by Prof.Z.Sitek.
This type of course may be attended by employees of geodetic
companies. The program consists of 96 hours of lectures and-
104 hours of labs. Until now this course have been attended by
45 engineers from all over the Country. The organizers of
special studies have a very strong hope that the new specialists,
will develop a good trend for engineering photogrammetry.
As the development of modern photogrammetry is connected with
fast progress in computer science, therefore it seems to be
obvious that we must broaden the program in this direction. Our
audience have got their university degrees quite few years ago,
most of them before the computer era, and they need special
courses. It is worthy to recall the words of US-scientist of
Polish origin, Norbert Winer, who died in 1964»He said, that the
direction of further development of the societies have been
prejudged by development of computers; the societies can not-
run away from that.
The improvement of engineering staff qualifications can be
achieved by the study-program modification. In several countries
the didactic programming is widely utilized and gives a very
good results when learning, memorisation or verification of the
passive knowledge of a subject is concerned. It is obvions that
by raising up the effectiveness of teaching the basis, one could
gain time for highly specialized courses. The rules of programmed
teaching are: small portions, the activisation of students,
immediate self-evaluationand correction of errors, individuali
sation of speed and scope of teaching for each student. This
type of teaching is widely considered in USA, Prance, UK,U3SK,
GPPt and is several other countries. Unfortunately the adequate
didactic machines and handbooks for photogrammetry are lacking
in Poland.
The profile of teaching is a very important problem; the verifi
cation of programs, which is repeated every few years, should be
based on wide recogition of opinion of specialists from all over
the country.
>Tt is well known that the universities have, beside their didac
tic functions, also other duties, namely the research and disse
mination of new achievements born all over the world and also
born in their own laboratories. In the Soviet Union I met the
rules that a Doctors thesis can be defended only after its
utilization in practice. That rule favours the reality of activi
ties of young scientists and promotes fast benefits in enterpri
ses. The scientific publications in all technical periodicals
/not only in scientific/ should be verified under the criterion
of their range, novelty, objectivity of estimation and conclu
sions as well as completness of ÿifomations for practical utili
zation. The description of - let s sçty - the method of survey
useful for civil engineering should be published in photograra-
metric or geodetic magazines and repeated as a short resume in
highly specialized civil engineering magazines. One should remem
ber, however, to use the level of description fitting the adequate
level of the potential reader. This would prevent wrong ideas or
even luck of informations on the feasibility of engineering