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Transactions of the Symposium on Photo Interpretation

R. D. Miles A Concept of Landforms, Parent Materials, and Soils in
Airphoto Interpretation Studies for Engineering Purposes 462
R. R. Blesch — Та Liang Application of Photo Interpretation in Route Location . . 477
J. R. Atkinson Airphoto Interpretation Study for the Division of Roads
N. B. Brown and Road Traffic of the Southern Rhodesian Government 487
Chin Fung Kee A Report on the Application of Airphoto Interpretation in
the Federation of Malaya 492
A. B. A. Brink Airphoto Interpretation Applied to Soil Engineering
Mapping in South Africa 498
N. W. Radforth Airphoto Interpretation of Organic Terrain for Engineering
Purposes 507
I. D. Mollard Photo Interpretation in Prospecting for Granular Construc
tion Materials 514
E. Marchesini Fracture Patterns of the Natural Steam Area of Larderello
A. Pistolesi (Italy) from Airphotographs 524