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Remote sensing for resources development and environmental management
Damen, M. C. J.

Symposium on Remote Sensing for Resources Development and Environmental Management / Enschede / August 1986
Working Groups
Table of
Methodology of data acquisition, enhancement, thematic
mapping, classification and monitoring using
1 Visible and infrared data
Chairman: F.Quiel
Liaison: N.J.Mulder
2 Microwave data
Chairman: N.Lannelongue
Liaison: L.Krul
3 Spectral signatures of objects
Chairman: G.Guyot
Liaison: N.J.J.Bunnik
1 Visible anc
Structural infc
Helmut Beissfi
Digital procès:
Kuo-mu Chiao
Methods of cc
R. I. Elman
Thematic applications in the field of:
4 Renewable resources in rural areas: Vegetation,
forestry, agriculture, soil survey, land and water use
Chairman: J.Besenicar
Liaisons: M.Molenaar
Th.A.de Boer
5 Non-renewable resources: Geology, geomorphology
and engineering projects
Chairman: J.V.Taranik
Liaison: B.N.Koopmans
6 Hydrology: Surface water, oceanography, coastal
zone, ice and snow
Chairman: K.A.Ulbricht
Co-chairman: Mikio Takagi
Liaison: R.Spanhoff
7 Human settlements: Urban surveys, human settle
ment analysis and archaeology
Chairman: W.G.Collins
Co-chairman: B.C.Forster
Liaison: RHofstee
8 Geo-information systems
Chairman: J.J.Nossin
Detection of si
Patricia G.Fosi
A GIS-based i
its concept
J.Jin King Liu
Image optimiz
methods by us
Hermann Kauf
Thematic map
Kurt H.Krecke,
Comparison oi
Barbara Kugler
Airphoto map
New approach
C.C.Lin, A.J.Cl
Man-machine i
Shunji Murai, R
Space photoma