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Fusion of sensor data, knowledge sources and algorithms for extraction and classification of topographic objects
Baltsavias, Emmanuel P.

International Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Vol. 32, Part 7-4-3 W6, Valladolid, Spain, 3-4 June, 1999
The flexibility of the GLP method has been shown here in a
practical case concerning non-conventional satellite data. The
versatility and effectiveness of the method had been previously
demonstrated in previous works (Aiazzi, 1997a, 1997c, 1998),
through extensive comparisons, both objective and subjective,
with HPF and wavelets methods, carried out on Landsat TM and
SPOT data. Comparisons with wavelet methods are not feasible
for the present case, since to the best of our knowledge so far, no
published schemes can properly handle a 5/3 scale ratio. In addi
tion, the experiments reported here concern spectral enhancement
and not spatial enhancement as in most of the literature. On the
other hand, comparisons must be restricted among feature-based
methods, since pixel-based methods (IHS, LHS and PCS) have
been demonstrated to be poorer than the former methods almost
one decade ago (Chavez, 1991; Pohl, 1998). Future efforts will
be devoted to devise three-layers schemes, e.g. by adding a high-
resolution panchromatic observation to the above test case.
This work was carried out under grants of the Italian Space
Agency (ASI).
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