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Fusion of sensor data, knowledge sources and algorithms for extraction and classification of topographic objects
Baltsavias, Emmanuel P.

International Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Vol. 32, Part 7-4-3 W6, Valladolid, Spain, 3-4 June, 1999
Fig. 14. False colour composite of multisensor SAR data
comprising ERS (red), JERS (green) and Radarsat
(blue) showing an area south of Graz.
Fig. 16. Superimposition of ERS ascending (red) and
descending (green) image data.
Fig. 15. False colour composite of multitemporal ERS SAR
data acquired in March (red), June (green) and August
(blue) 1996 showing an area south of Graz.
Fig. 17. SAR ortho-image generated through merging of
ascending and descending ERS data.