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Sharing and cooperation in geo-information technology
Aziz, T. Lukman

and diploma level and the rest are high school graduates with
some additional technical and administrative training. For the
purpose of training, Professional trainers come from other
Centers/ Unit within Bakosurtanal (especially who has PhD
degree), as well as from Universities such as UGM and ITB
support the training operation. For the next future TDSM
should has independent training staffs who have a various
surveys and mapping disciplines. The internal staffs in TDSM
should be improved either in professional teaching skills but
also in obtaining higher degree to strengthen TDSM.
Without enough financial support, it is almost impossible to
conduct a qualified training. The annual budget for training is
about Rp. 500 million (USD 59,000). This governmental
budget is provided to strengthen Bappedas staffs and also the
improvement of Bakosurtanal personal skills in surveys and
mapping technology. Other training which designed as tailor
made can be implemented by either sharing budget or fully paid
by other agencies. For the next future, TDSM should market
more, particularly for Kabupaten area, and also push to seek a
financial aid from surveys and mapping industries, national and
international fund sources.
Balai Diklat (TDSM) is located in Building E (first and second
floor) of Bakosurtanal Office of Cibinong. The first floor is
used for Multimedia Training Laboratory: Tutored Video
Instruction (TVI) Studios and Library. Office spaces,
classroom, and Training Project occupy the second floor of the
building. TDSM also has two laboratories: SIG Training and
Desktop Cartography Training Laboratories. Hardware facilities
consist of PC 486/66 platform, PC Astra CR-300, PC GIS, PC
Map & Image Processing, RGB Monitor, Printer Epson LQ
1170 ESK/P2, HP Laser Jet III, HP DeskJet, Digitizer, Image
Color Scanner, Magnetic Tape Drive, Optical Disk Drive,
Video Digitizing etc. Software facilities include Arclnfo, TIN,
ArcCAD, ERDAS version 7.5 and 8.2 (Imagine), Server and
LAN TNTMips, Micro Brian 3.2 and ILWIS.
Training materials, modules and other training supplies are
provided in TDSM. However, some improvement of scientific
modules in the form of videocassettes needs to be transferred
into CD-ROM.
Based on the above description, it can be said that some
improvements are needed to develop human resources in the
field of surveys and mapping. Various courses available at
TDSM Bakosurtanal are also offered for internal staff
development and for Bappedas personnel. Some participants
come from different institutions, geographic teachers in high
school and surveys and mapping teachers in Vocational School
(SMK/STM Survey & Pemetaan) and other non-governmental
organization, if possible, must be welcomed in the near future.
Some improvement will be undertaken to improve training
staffs (both quality and quantity), increase financial supports,
and upgrading training facilities.
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