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Mapping without the sun
Zhang, Jixian

Organizing Committee:
;s Centre of
>sion VII, ITC)
, USA)
)y, France)
ly, Poland)
Prof. Dr. Jixian Zhang (CASM)
Prof. Guoshan Yu (Sichuan Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, China)
Prof. Dr. Yanmin Wang (BICEA, China)
Prof. Dr. Xinming Tang (Co-Chair of ISPRS WG 11/1, CASM)
Prof. Qin Yan (Regional Coordinator of ISPRS WG VII/7, CASM)
Prof. Dr. Huili Gong (Capital Normal University, China)
Prof. Dr. Qiming Qin (Peking University, China)
Prof. Dr. Youchuan Wan (Wuhan University, China)
Prof. Dr. Zengyuan Li (Chinese Academy of Forestry)
Prof. Dr. Xiushan Lu (SUST, China)
Prof. Dr. Yunjia Wang (CUMT, China)
Prof. Dr. Weidong Song (LTU, China)
Prof. Dr. Zhen Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Prof. Xi'an Zhao (BICEA, China)
Prof. Yuanmin Fang (Kunming University of Science and Technology, China)
Mr. Xuhui Fei (CASM)
Mr. Zhenggang Gu (Sichuan Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, China)
Prof. Dr. Yonghong Zhang (CASM)
Prof. Dr. Li Zhang (CASM)
Ms. Yu Zeng (CASM)