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Mapping without the sun
Zhang, Jixian

The precision is met the need of 1:2000 scaled topographic map
making in the view of precision of checking points. The internal
precision of corrected imaged = ¿0.07/77 that indicates the
internal geometric precision of the corrected image is quite
good by using the Equation (1).
In the condition of limited area (1 km 2 ), flat relief (the
difference in elevation less than 1 m) and high quality imaging,
the internal geometric precision of standard images taken by
QuickBird is in high quality. The precision of 0.6 pixel can be
obtained by means of first-order or second-order polynomials
usually when the images are integrally corrected by applying
polynomial mathematic model. If the polynomial order is too
high, the precision will be declining instead, the absolute root
mean square error of horizontal coordinate being 0.35m.
Discarding aspect of the ground resolution, the absolute
precision of simple-points has meet the requirement in
planimetrie precision, of 1:2000 scaled topographic maps.
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