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Remote sensing for resources development and environmental management
Damen, M. C. J.

Symposium on Remote Sensing for Resources Development and Environmental Management / Enschede / August 1986
Table of contents
5 Non-renewable resources: Geology, geomorphology and engineering projects
Application of stereo-terrestrial photogrammetric technique to varied geoscientific investigations 551
Regional geologic mapping of digitally enhanced Landsat imagery in the southcentral Alborz
mountains of northern Iran 555
Sima Bagheri & Ralph W.Kiefer
Operational satellite data assessment for drought/disaster early warning in Africa: Comments on
GIS requirements 561
Hubertus LBloemer, Louis T.Steyaert & Scott E.Needham
Comparison between interpretations of images of different nature 569
G.Bollettinari & F.Mantovani
Global distributive computer processing systems for environmental monitoring, analysis and
trend modeling in early warning and natural disaster mitigation 573
J. O.Brumfield & H.H.LB/oemer
Geological analysis of the satellite lineaments of the Vistula Delta Plain, Zutawy Wislane, Poland 579
Barbara Daniel Danielska, Stanislas* Kibitlewski & Andrzej Sadurski
Analysis of lineaments and major fractures in Xichang-Dukou area, Sichuan province as
interpreted from Landsat images 585
Lu Defu, Zhang Wenhua, Liu Bingguang, Xu Ruisong & Jang Baolin
Application of remote sensing in the field of experimental tectonics 589
J. Dehandschutter
Thematic mapping from aerial photographs for Kandi Watershed and Area Development
Project, Punjab (India) 595
B.Didar Singh & Kanwarjit Singh
Assessment of desertification in the lower Nile Valley (Egypt) by an interpretation of Landsat
MSS colour composites and aerial photographs 599
A. Gad & LDaels
Spring mound and aioun mapping from Landsat TM imagery in south-central Tunisia 607
Amyn Rhys Jones & Andrew Millington
Application of MEIS-II multispectral airborne data and CIR photography for the mapping of
surficial geology and geomorphology in the Chatham area, Southwest Ontario, Canada 615
A.B.Kesik, H. George & M.M.Dusseault