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Remote sensing for resources development and environmental management
Damen, M. C. J.

Satellite remote sensing of the coastal environment of Bombay 779 Remote :
V.Subramanyan T.Supaja,
A study with NOAA-7 AVHRR-imagery in monitoring ephemeral streams in the lower Applicat
catchment area of the Tana River, Kenya 783 problem
J. W van den Brink ^ ^ $y Q
A simple atmospheric correction algorithm for Landsat Thematic Mapper satellite images 787 Spatial ri
P.I. G.M. Vanouplines William
7 Human settlements: Urban surveys, human settlement analysis and archaeology ^ van de
The application of remote sensing to urban bird ecology 795 Spectral
L.M. Baines, W. G. Collins & P. Robins Douglas.
Automatic digitizing of photo interpretation overlays with a digital photodiode camera: The
ADIOS system 801 8 Geo-ii
C.A.de Bruijn & A.J.van Dalfsen
How few
Visual aerial photograph texture discrimination for delineating homogeneous residential sectors: j a Allan
An instrument for urban planners 809
Maria de Lourdes Neves de Oliveira The pote
Evaluation of combined multiple incident angle SIR-B digital data and Landsat MSS data over
an urban complex 813 Recordin
B. C.Forster Richard 1
An analysis of remote sensing for monitoring urban derelict land 817 Evaluatic
E.C.Hyatt, J.L.Gray & W.G.Collins quadtree:
James He
The Nigerian urban environment: Aerial photographic inventory and mapping of land use
characteristics 823 A compr
I si A.Ikhuoria G.D.Lod\
Urban change detection and analysis using multidate remote sensed images 831 The CRI
Chen Jun, Guan Zequn, Zhan Qinming, Sun Jiabing, Lu Hueiwen & Zheng Zhixiao developn
Abandoned settlements and cultural resources remote sensing 835
Aulis Lind & Noel Ring Soils an i
Carlos R.
Human settlement analysis using Shuttle Imaging Radar-A data: An evaluation 841
C. PLo Land suil
J.P Wind
Urban-land-cover-type adequate generalization of thermal scanner images 847
Peter Mandl Land res<
Small format aerial photography - A new planning and administrative tool for town planners in
India 853
Notes on the geomorphology of the Borobudur plain (Central Java, Indonesia) in an
archaeological and historical context 857
Jan J.Nossin & Caesar Voute
Photointerpretation and orthophotograph at the study of monuments in urban areas 865