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Proceedings of the Symposium on Global and Environmental Monitoring

Integrating Remote Sensing in the Forest Service - An Overview
Brian Huberty
USDA Forest Service
Nationwide Forestry Applications Program
2222 West 2300 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84119
(801) 524-4580
The USDA Forest Service needs to develop methods for creating the "vegetation layer"
for use within geographic information systems. The objective of the Integrating Remote
Sensing (1RS) initiative is to develop and evaluate procedures for the integration of all
forms of remote sensing technologies into natural resource information systems. The 1RS
will have the Nationwide Forestry Applications Program (NFAP) and the Geometronics
Service Center (GSC) located in Salt Lake City, Utah act as the consultant between
natural resource teams from National Forests and remote sensing technologies. Under
the technical guidance of NFAP/GSC, resource teams will learn how to quickly and
efficiently answer problems affecting the management of the nation’s forest resources.
The mission of the Nationwide Forestry Applications Program (NFAP) is to provide
training, technical assistance, and project support in remote sensing applications, image
interpretation, image processing, and information management systems applied to
inventory, planning, protection, and management of resources. As a part of the mission
for NFAP, the Integrating Remote Sensing (1RS) initiative is to provide national
direction for integrating remote sensing technology into resource data collection for
geographic information systems (GIS). Applications would include land and resource