Full text: Papers for the international symposium Commission VI

Working Group VI/i of Laval University 9 Quebec City, 
Canada who has been carrying out a thorough study of 
the world-wide inventory of the present status and 
requirement of photograrametric education at various 
levels since 1964, has also identified similar three 
Another important aspect of photogrammetric 
education Or* Brandenberger tried to investigate over 
the last twelve years was the most favourable ratio of 
photogrammetric personnel at different levels i*e*, 
between photogrammetrist with post-graduate education, 
photogrammetric technologists and photogrammetric 
technicians* In 1968 the information about this ratio 
was not clear* It could be 1:2:5 or even 1:3:10* 
In 1972 Or* Brandenberger again stressed that "For 
planning of photogrammetric education on a national 
level it is necessary to know this ratio* From the 
available information it appears that on a world-wide basis 
there exists or is requested an average ratio between the 
three levels of 1:2*9:5*4* For Individual countries the 
reported ratios show considerable fluctuations varying 
between the limits 1:3:4 and 1:3:20"* In 1976 Dr.Branden- 
berger repeated, "The number of required photogrammetrists 
at various educational levels should be determined in each 
On the basis of the above careful analysis 
of world-wide situation of present photogrammetric 
personnel and realistic projection of future requirements 
and assuming an appropriate ratio of personnel at the 
above three levels it should be possible to do some 
realistic planning for necessary photogrammetric 
education facilities for the future at all the three 
levels* In a developing country like India when we try 
to proceed on the above guidelines, several pertinent quest 
ions arise. In formulating projections for the future 
photogrammetrically trained man-power requirements, to what 
extent the economic growth rate has to be considered, to what 
extent socio-economic conditions have to be taken into

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