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Sharing and cooperation in geo-information technology
Aziz, T. Lukman

E. Java. Java script and applets can be used, but
critical elements of webpages should not depend
on Java.
V. Other Issues.
A. Public Domain Software. It is reasonable to
mention the use of public domain software in
constructing webpages.
B. Cultural Sensitivity. As ISPRS is an
international organization, with webpage
readers from all over the world, one should
avoid comments that could be misconstrued by
readers from different cultures.
C. Liability. The following phrases (or variants of
them) should be considered for inclusion in
1. "Inclusion in this page is not to be taken
as an advertisement or endorsement nor
exclusion as a criticism" or
2. "The authors will not be held
responsible for any actions arising from
the use of the included data, although
the utmost has been done to ensure its
accuracy. Please contact the authors at
the address below."
D. Ownership. Data or articles made available
through an ISPRS webpage should be available
for copying or downloading. Sensitive data or
copyrighted articles can be requested by email
or from a reference URL.
E. Language. All ISPRS webpages shall be in
English. Creation of webpages in a language
other than English is encouraged as long as an
English version of the webpage is available.
F. ISPRS Notification. All groups who are
preparing an ISPRS-related webpage shall
inform the ISPRS Web Master, so that all
webpages that feature ISPRS can be properly
referenced and promoted.
G. Obsolescence and Data Purging - All webpages
shall be deleted from all search registers within
6 months of completion of the event to which
they refer, or closure of an ISPRS Working
Group. Similarly, Commission Symposia and
ISPRS Congress webpages shall be purged
within 6 months of their conclusion.
H. System Administration and Security. Provisions
for reduction of network load, reliability and
security should be made. Prevent automatic
logging onto any other hosts on the same
network. Provide facilities for logging and
security options on software made available on
the server. Back up the data for possible damage
or loss.
I. Task Force. ISPRS will make available a Task
Force of experts that has extensive WWW
experience for assistance in certain elements of
WWW page creation and maintenance. ISPRS
WG VIM is in charge of consultation for
Internet/WWW in ISPRS.