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Special UNISPACE III volume
Marsteller, Deborah

International Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. Vol. XXXII Part 7C2, UNISPACE III, Vienna. 1999
“Environment and Remote Sensing for Sustainable De\ j elopment”
9:00 am -12:00 pm, 23 July 1999, VIC Room A
Vienna, Austria
Organized by
Lawrence W. Fritz (President ISPRS) and Alex Tuyahov (Manager of NASA Earth Science Applications and Research Program)
The Seminar will focus on the application of space remote sensing sciences and technologies to issues of importance to developing
countries, such as agriculture, infrastructure, environment and decision making, from the perspectives of governments and private space
technology' providers, as well as from regional representatives of the user community. Presentations will be followed by a Round Table
panel discussion on issues for the remote sensing community to address.
The Seminar will be Co-Chaired by Lawrence Fritz (Lockheed Martin, USA) and Alex Tuyahov (NASA, USA) with the panel
discussion Co-Chaired by Prof. Ray Harris (UCL, UK) and Dr. Charles Hutchinson (Univ. of Arizona). Speakers and organizations
represented include:
• Dr. Ghassein Asrar (NASA, USA)
• Dr. Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan (ISRO, India)
• Mr. Guy Duchossois (ESA, France)
• Mr. Marcio Barbosa (ENPE, Brazil)
• Dr. Takashi Moriyama (NASDA, Japan)
• Mr. John Neer (Space Imaging, USA)
• Mr. Jelle Hielkema (FAO, Italy)
Seminar Format
The three hour Seminar will be comprised of a series of eight presentations, 15 minutes each, followed by a panel discussion of 60
During the session the speakers will each be invited to present an overview of the relevant activities and perspectives of their respective
organization. These presentations, with commentary from the chair, are expected to cover two horns. The session w'ill be Co-chaired by
a representative from ISPRS Council (L. Fritz) and a representative from NASA (A. Tuyahov).
All discussion, (Q&A) will be in a follow-on tliird hour devoted to a Roundtable discussion on Remote Sensing issues (with the same
speakers) to develop dialog with the audience and to surface issues of concern and recommendations. Prof. Ray Harris (UCL, UK) and
Dr. Charles Hutchinson (Univ. of Arizona) are the Seminar Rapporteurs and will Co-chair the Roundtable discussion.
Technical Equipment Available
Overhead Projector
35 nun slide projector
speakers microphone
2 hours with podium; 1 hour with panel setup
Note: no simultaneous interpretation