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Special UNISPACE III volume
Marsteller, Deborah

International Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. Vol. XXXII Part 7C2, UNISPACE III. Vienna, 1999
(a) Insert a new paragraph 13 9 bis to read:
“The questions of access, dissemination and archiving of Earth
observation data are growing in importance. Because issues of data policy, and
in particular pricing policy, present obstacles to the effective utilization of
Earth observation data, a greater clarity in statements of data policy by the
supplier organizations would be helpful to the development of the Earth
observation sector. The advantages and disadvantages of different pricing
models should be explored and assessed against the opportunities to use Earth
observation data for specific applications, including disaster management and
global observations. The experience of those organizations which have already
established Earth observation data policies, such as the National Space
Development Agency of Japan and the European Space Agency, should be
harnessed by national and international Earth observation programmes”;
Paragraph 140
(b) Insert a new paragraph 140 bis to read:
“To provide a venue for the discussion and resolution of technical and
policy matters among data and information users and providers, both public
and private, a series of regional forums should be held. To ensure their
transparency and credibility, those forums should be organized and hosted by a
non-governmental organization such as tire International Society for
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing”;
Paragraph 142
(c) Insert a new paragraph 142 bis to read:
“The work of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United
Nations in using geographic information systems to analyse Earth observation
and other environmental data to assist policy and decision makers should be
communicated more fully to developing countries through literature, pilot
project descriptions, data sets on CD-ROMs and the World Wide Web”;
Paragraph 144
(d) Add the following sentence at the end of paragraph 144:
“There should be a wider and more effective communication of lessons
learned on the use of Earth observation for sustainable development in
developing countries, including India’s Integrated Mission for Sustainable
Development and the cooperation between Brazil and China to launch their
own Earth observation satellite, the China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite
Paragraph 218
(e) Add a new subparagraph (e) to read:
“(e) Assisting the centres in developing strategies that would help
administrators and managers to understand better the benefits available from
the use of remote sensing in sustaining and enhancing the quality of life in
developing countries”;
Paragraph 283
(f) Add the following sentence at the end of paragraph 283:
“Such cooperation will benefit from public/private partnerships, in
appropriate circumstances, with suitable arrangements being made for risk
sharing and for developing operational systems that build on successful