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Complete indexes of authors, coauthors and keywords for all books

This book belongs to all Parts B of Volume XXXI of the International Archives of Photogrammetry and
Remote Sensing and contains two Indices:
1. The Index of All Authors and Co-authors of all papers reviewed and accepted by the seven
Technical Commissions, of the Member Reports (National Reports, Regional Reports) and of the
papers accepted for Special Sessions, provided that the camera ready manuscripts arrived in Vienna
prior to the deadline mid April 1996. The papers of the Special Sessions SS07 and SS08
(Presentation of the Winners of Prizes for Best Papers by Young Authors) as well as of SS11 and
S812 (Common Sessions of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs with the Technical Commission
VII) were sorted in to the respective part of the Technical Commission.
2. The Index of Keywords as indicated by the authors. One part of these keywords was selected
from a master keyword list attached to the ISPRS Guidelines for Authors. This list contained the most
characteristic keywords from the total Keyword Index of Volume XXIX, and some other keywords
recommended additionally. The other part of new keywords has been freely selected by the authors
according to needs. A proper selection from all these new keywords should result in a better or
updated master keyword list for the coming congresses and symposia. Thereafter the keyword lists
should grow slowly from congress to congress and form a reliable book of addresses to the most
important messages in the scientific literature of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.
The tiresome input of the paper data including keywords has been done by Ulrike Pachowsky and
Josef Tschannerl. The Congress Software belongs to Heinrich Vesely, who deliberately adjusted it to
the needs of the Technical Committee for the XVIIIth Congress of the International Society of
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. The data processing for all parts of Volume XXXI has been
done with greatest care and responsibility by Hans Thueminger. The arrangement of the editorial
pages and the communication with the printshop was in the reliable hands of Josef Tschannerl. Last
not least: Eva Berkes sorted the papers to her files. No paper got lost and all papers can be found in
place. Many thanks for the successful teamwork at the Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote
Peter Waldháusl Karl Kraus
Technical Programme Director Congress Director