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International cooperation and technology transfer
Mussio, Luigi

Sanso F., Albertella A., Bianco G., Della Torre A., Fermi M., Molla V., Lenti A., Migliaccio F., Milani A.,
Rossi A. 380
SAGE: an Italian Project of Satellite Accelerometry
Sausen T.M.
The Teaching of Remote Sensing in South America 384
Sibiry Traoré P.C., Doumbia M.D., Sissoko S., Yoroté A., Wagner W., Scipal KL, Gobin A., Campling R,
Nobbe E., Beck R. 386
Crop Growth Modelling in Mali Based on ERS Scatterometer Information
Sweeting M, Sun W. 387
Low Cost Small Satellites for Earth Observation and Technology Transfer to Developing Countries
Torres Rodriguez V., Origel Gutiérrez G. 388
Mapping of Hydrothermal Alteration by Remote Sensing at the Acoculco Caldera, Puebla, Mexico
Woldai T., Limptlaw D. 395
Issues and Approaches in Mapping the Impacts of Mining on the Environment in Africa
(With Test Case From Kitwe Mine, Zambia)
Zambezi P. 396
Potential for Computer Assisted Distance Learning in Zambia: What are the Constraints
and the way Forward
Appendix: Authors and Co-authors Index