Full text: Papers for the international symposium Commission VI

excluded from photogrammetric work, and for which existing 
maps will be updated, or regions assigned for direct surve 
ying /e*g* forest /• This analysis establish technical con 
ditions for further work / point 3/* 
According to technical conditions making up guidelines 
for the flight plan, the following data are included : 
the type of camera /format, focal length/, over lapping, 
scale of photos and sometimes the directions of flights* 
The most oftenly used camera is the RG 10, having a 23x 
23 format, focal length 150 mm, 60$ lengthwise overlap and 
30$ crosswise overlap* 
The scales of photos are as follows j 
for map scale 1:500 - photo scales 1:2500 - 1:3500 
1:1000 1:4000 - 1:5000 
1:2000 1:7500 - 1:9000 
These guidelines, along with the topographic map, on 
which the borders of the object are marked, are included 
to the order for photography and sent to PPGK-War 3 aw, the 
institution which takes aerial- photographs* PPGK-Warsaw 
make then a project of the photogrammetric flight and sends 
a copy of it to Krakow, which carries out the project of 
targetting of control points, which are used for aerotrian- 
gulation / point 5 /• In this 3tage of work, the object is 
subdivided into block which occupy 80-100 models* 
The ground control points are distributed in the follo 
wing manner' : 
- on the borders of a block : 
- paralell to the axis of the flight every 
3-4 bases, 
- perpendicular to the axis of the flight in 
each strips on the block border, 
- in the interior of block - every second strip and every 
fifth base* 
The above mentioned work is performed by the design and 
aerotriangulation group* 
Control point targeting regions appear on the topogra 
phic map along with plotted axes of individual strips and 
borders of blocks* 
This map is then handed over to geodetic and photogram 
metric survey groups who survey the geodetic network, for 
designated photogrammetric control points as well as for in 
dispensable basic points of reference to supplemertary mea 
surements / point 6 /• 
Next the group carries out in the terrain the stabilize 
tion, targeting and basic measurements / points 7 and 9 /• 

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