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Transactions of the Symposium on Photo Interpretation

Fig. 6a. McMurdo Sound area, planimetrie compilation reduced from 1 : 50,000 to
1 : 380,000 scale
1. Lake Bonney, a permanent ice-covered lake
2. Ferrar Glacier, meltwater lakes and floating glacier bergs
3. Kukri Hills. Partially exposed ridges and cliffs with peaks 3,000 to 6,000 feet high. Named
by Scott’s 1901-04 expedition because the shape resembles a “kukri”, or Gurkha sword.
4. New Harbor, ice-free shoreline.
5. Hjorth Hill, exposed land and rock. The hill is 2,900 feet in elevation.
6. Taylor Valley. The glacier has receded leaving a dry valley with meltwater streams and
polygonal terrain. Named after Griffith Taylor, geologist in the Scott 1901-04 expedition.
7. Rhone Glacier, moraine, crevasses, and marked gradient changes.
Fig. 6b. McMurdo Sound area, interpreted oblique photograph